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Publication the list of practitioners as on 31st Dec 2022

Scoring 6 Credit Points is Mandatory to Renew Registration Effective from 15th April 2022

Effective from 1st May approval of CME programs must be from online only

Steps to Online-Payment for Renewal

Steps to Online-Payment for NOC, Goodstanding and Dataflow verification fess.

Appointment is Compulsary to avail any KMC services

Steps to make online Renewal payment for other States Doctors Already Registered with KMC.

Please book an online appointment for any KMC services. Manual applications will not be entertained. Book an online appointment to avail quick and hassle free KMC services.

The U.G. students who got KMC Permanent Registration Certificate are hereby informed to change the login password.

Karnataka Medical Registration Act and Rules including Amendments

Calender of Events for Election

PUBLIC    NOTICE Dt:1st July 2017


Registration Certificates Issued On or Before 31st Dec 2011 are Invalid if they are not duly Renewed.



Registration Certificates Issued Before 31st Dec 2011 are Invalid



Government of Karnataka Approval letter on Renewal Fees and Renewal Date 


GOK approval ltr. for Renewal fee & date



Note 2: 29/07/2016:

Karnataka Medical Council issued Public Notices in newspapers on 24-05-2016 and 22-06-2016.

These Notices were issued for Renewal of registrations by RMPS, before 31st July 2016.  This was done to elicit early response, and to cover all the Districts within this period for Renewal.

Now in view of large number of RMPS failing to do renewal of their registration during district wise deployment of booths, Council has taken decision to extend date of renewal up to 31st December 2016.  This date is also as per stipulation of Section 19 of K.M.R. act and its amendment in 2003.

As per the K.M.R. Act 1961, Section 19, “(1)Notwithstanding anything contained in Section 13, each Medical practitioner shall pay to the Medical Council on or before the thirty first day of December of every year, a renewal fee of two rupees for the continuance of his name in the Register.”


(2)If the renewal fee is not paid before the due date, the Registrar shall remove the name of the defaulter from the Register.


Provided that the name so removed may be re-entered in the register on payment of the renewal fee in such manner and subject to such conditions, as may be prescribed by rules.


As per Amendment of KMR Act in 2003, Section 19 – In Section 19 of the principal Act:-


(1)    in sub-section (1), for the words “on or before the thirty first day of December of every year a renewal fee of two rupees” the words “a prescribed fee on or before such date as may be prescribed” shall be substituted.  Prescribed fee by Council is Rs.1,000/- and prescribed date is 31st December every five years.


The renewal of registration will be done at K.M.C. office, Vasantnagar, on first floor. Registered Medical Practitioners are advised to renew their registration without penalty before 31st December 2016.


RMPS who have already done updation of data have fulfilled requirement under KMR Rule NO 44 – “Change of Address - Every registered practitioner shall immediately give notice to the Registrar of any change of name or change of permanent address for being entered in the Register. Whenever there is a request for entering a change of name, documentary evidence in support of the change of name being recorded shall also be furnished to the Registrar”.

Members who have done updation should pay D.D. for Rs.1,000/- and get renewal done by 31st December 2016.

As per section 26 of KMR act – “Publication of list of practitioner — (1) The Registrar shall every year on or before the thirtieth day of June, publish in the Official Gazette a correct list of the names and qualifications of all practitioners entered in the register on the first day of January of that year.

(2) A copy of the list published under sub-section (1) shall be evidence in all courts and in judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings that the persons therein specified are registered according to the provisions of this Act, and the absence of the name of any person from such copy shall be evidence, until the contrary is proved that such person is not registered according to the Provisions of this Act:”



Paper Notification for Renewal of RMP of KMC



Note 1: "Dear Doctors, if you do not avail this updation / renewal facility enabled in different district centers within the scheduled dates, then you will be able to get the same done only within KMC center in Bangalore or you can fix an appointment in other districts based depending on the published schedule" 


Paper Notification / Legal opinion for Renewal/Data updation of RMP of KMC