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Karnataka Medical Council

Regulating doctors, ensuring good medical practice

Steps to Online-Payment for Renewal

KMC Notification

Steps to Online-Payment for NOC, Goodstanding and Dataflow verification fess.

Registered and renewed practitioners Till dated 1st Jan 2021.

Appointment and Physical Presence is not Necessary for Renewal.

Steps to make online Renewal payment for other States Doctors Already Registered with KMC.


1. K.M.C. Guidelines for Online Consultation or E-Consultation



2. U.G. Student how to get online Permanent Registration Certificate

Steps to be followed by doctors

A) Down load U.G.Application form from KMC Website and Fill the Application form along with PRC number and e-mail to Registration section e-mail address:
B)Upload the original documents for Permanent Registration Ledger in your PRC Profile---- Refer Practitioner Login Demo video in KMC Website.
C) Send your Latest Passport Size Photo/Signature/Left Thumb Impression to Registration section e-mail address:
Further details contact to Smt.Manjula.C.P./Smt.Sudha.K. Mob:7349714863